Sunday 24 July 2011

Papering over the cracks

It's day six of my new medication. Yes, I'm still taking it. W and I had a real think about this last night, and decided that I will continue to take them until Monday, when I shall make an emergency appointment with the GP. This is mostly due to the fact that on the information sheet, one of the first instructions is not to suddenly stop taking the tablets as you may get withdrawal symptoms. I'm not entirely sure whether I have been taking these long enough to qualify for that, but I'm taking no chances.

Not to mention, W and I also discussed the possibility that these symptoms I am having are a passing problem as I adapt to the medication. This is, frankly, becoming an increasingly unlikely scenario as far as I can tell, what with me having had a seizure almost every day since I started taking them.

Either way, I'm still here, still in limbo. Will update when I know what, if anything is happening.

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