Monday, 25 July 2011

During A Seizure (pardon the rambling, my brain does this to me at times)

Well, more or less. My head isn't exactly screwed on straight at the moement, so please pardon my spelling mistakers and typos . I'm not going to go back and fix because I don;t know how long I have left before this pretty strong aura goes into a "full" seizure and I loose motor control.

My head is pounding, and wallking up to my bedroom and bed (where I am now, so don't worry that I will get hurt) I was very wobbly indeed. I was angry too, but that has passed now and I just feel woozy. But the angry part- that must be expalined. I was out and about with W, taking M for her 1 year jabs. All done, she was fine and hardly cried at all! then we had to get wipes for her and some ceral bars whiich she really likes. W started telling me we needed to go home right away because I was ging to have a seizxure but I felt fine, so I got grumpy and insisted that we ogo got to M&S for cake. I like cake a lot right now.

So we got the food, and some rolls for lunch, and socks for O, and then I started to feel crap, and I got cross with W (Oh wait, I had been cross before) because it just isn't FAIR. There is so much I want or need to do that is out of the house and the way tjhings are right now the only safe place for me is in the house and I just want to get out.  And W keeps teelling me "you'rtregoing to have a seizure" and he's right and I'm not cross at him, I'm cross at what he has to do which is look after me. I don;t want to be looked after. I want to look after myself, and go into town and decide, me, when I am fed up and want to come home and not miss things off my to do list because I am in bed miles away from my head.

That is the angry. But not the tunnell vision is growing again, so if you'll excuse me, I htink I am going to lie down now and let this seizur get itself bloody well over and done with, I meay come tidy this up later. ir not. OR not, that is. My eyesare rolling, it's time to post.

Now can someone see that not all seizures are switch on, switch off?

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