Tuesday, 2 August 2011

What's going on?

I can't work out where my head is right now. I mean, not literally. It's on my shoulders/neck, or lying on a bed, depending on how you look at it, but figuratively, I don't have a sodding clue.

I can't work out what this is. I feel as weird as anything, yet I'm cooly detached from it all - enough that I am correcting my many typoes, at least. This is taking a long time to write, on a slightly tangential note.

I came upstairs because I could not stop drumming my hands on my legs and fidgeting, which made me a hazard because my brain is obviously firing off a little and I'm a loose cannon - who knows when the fit will start. If the fit starts. I might just lie here with my netbook on its side for ten to twenty minutes, feeling like crap but have nothing else happen. Yes. I'm writing while lying on my side. It's very uncomfortable but I don't trust my head to hold itself up and I feel a weird need to document my own brand of crazy that I'm feeling right now.

ONe minute I'm all hyper and fidgety, the next I stare into space for unknown periods of time. I'm alternating between the two a lot as I tpye which is making me lose my train of thought, so sorry if I veer from one topic to another. I'm often a lttle inncoherent anyway, but this might b worse than normal. Sorry.

My shoulder hurts from typing. Why am I doing this again? I thnik I'm carrying on because I started and I can't stop what I start when I'm like this, be it babblying, finger tapping, tongue clicking, or apparently, talking through a keyboard. My brain isa very peculiar place. I'm glad I don't have to live there. Although, I do, sort of. Im confused now. I feel itchy beneath my skin, all down my spine. I think I'll go now. I don't want to beak my netbook and I don't know how long this ebbing core of focus is going to last. Whgen it snaps, I may thrash around a bit. I will edit/promoote later. For now, juist press post, wman. Press it now befre your internal monologue gets any more tedious and unpredictable. Bla bla bla, bye. I may stary singing to faries now. My head spins slowly. I got dizzy lying down yesterday dujring my fit. Did I tell you that O and M didn't go away today after all? I don't feel well.

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