Tuesday 23 November 2010

More Fun

This is turning into a bit of an online seizure diary really - but that's good. It's a way for me to keep a record of things which I can't misplace or drop, and at the same time, if even one person reads this who didn't know much or anything about epilepsy beforehand, then I have done a good thing.

Today's seizure was brief, and pretty much entirely convulsive. I was walking along, and had a sensation in my arms, one which, I've discovered, is not as comman as I'd thought. Afterwards, I said to W, "you know when you feel all...shivery" and he didn't know, but it's hard to describe it in any other terms. Still, I'll try. Haveyou ever had that odd sensation that someone is watching you? it's often described as the hairs going up on the back of your neck, or having a shiver go down your spine. I suppose the best I can say is that it's like that - only in your limbs rather than the back of your neck. Well, sometimes it's all down my back too. The sensation that I just need to gave one almighty shiver or shudder and I'll feel a lot better.

Either way, I had this sensation in my arms (and slightly in my legs), when, without any other warning, my leg jerked up and I folded untidily to the floor. In my head, this lasted at most ten seconds or so, but W puts it at more like a minute, possibly even two. For anyone who thinks that isn't very long, believe me, when you are incapacitated you realise just how long that can be.

I guess this means that my driving license remains just as out of reach as it has been for the last four years. Oh well.

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