Sunday 28 November 2010

Fit The Bill

I'm actually rather ashamed of that title, for reasons which will become self evident later on. Just thought I'd get that out of the way now, before I forget.

So, I actually had a seizure yesterday, and another today too. Yesterday's was weird. I had an aura, and placed M safely out of harm's way, or handed her to someone (we were visiting W's parents, who live nearby), then instead of lying down, for some reason my brain decided it woul be an excellent idea to take a few steps across the room before giving up on the whole standing lark completely, and falling backwards. Fortunately W was there to catch me. Then, I remember my top lipcurling back/up, probably exposing my teeth. It was odd, because it almost felt numb - not my usual disconnected observation, but as though someone was holding one of those electrical impulse probes to my face and triggering the muscles randomly as they do in the occasional documentary about that sort of thing. Honestly, epileptic or not, these things are just getting stranger and stranger.

Today's was probably a dissociative seizure (or whatever the flavour-of-the-month word for them is among health practitioners). I was more or less "there" mentally, though with the usual inside out andback to front priorities going through my head - for some reason it was vital that I both listen to W and the television. When my body feels all there but won't respond to my orders for it to move, it probably isn't epilepsy pinning me to the floor.

In other, more global news, a Ten Minute Rule Bill regarding Epilepsy was read out in parliament last Wednesday. I meant to mention it here sooner, as I contacted my local MP to ask that she attend (she didn't appear to be in parliament that day, alas, and nor did her office get back to me...).

The bill will recieve its second reading in March, which apparently is when these smaller bills fail. However hopeless it may be, I shall be in contact with my local MP again to try and make sure she is there for this reading, and to ask for her support in getting it through the system. To anyone in the UK actually reading this blog (and I know my readership is um, select), I would ask that you too enquire as to whether your MP will be in parliament when it is read out, and if they could support it. Once again, apologies for the title pun. Sometimes, these things are hard to name.

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