Friday 19 November 2010

Aura to Seizure.

I tend not to use the word "aura" that much, partly because my auras, when they happen, tend to be almost as bad as seizures and get lumped together at times, partly because they also tend to just be the start of a seizure, not an isolated warning a hour or more beforehand, and partly because, unless you know about epilepsy, the word "aura" tends to be associated with spiritualism and could be misconstrued. The two don't exactly overlap.

Last night I had a seizure. That in itself isn't a shocker (they do seem to have gone back to their once or twice a fortnight pattern, which is good), but unlike most of my seizures, there are parts I honestly do not remember; things W told me I did that I have zero recollection of, such as banging into the armchair. Obviously, that's kind of normal for a lot of people, but the nature of my seizures is such that I usually have a working knowledge of what happened, even if I can't exactly remember when.

The seizure itself wasn't all that long; about 3 or 4 minutes according to W, but it was preceeded by a long aura which was almost as debilitating. I can't say I've ever been blind drunk (though I have been tipsy a few times during my teens), but I would say the auras I sometimes must be a little like being very drunk indeed, in terms of loss of co ordination and concentration. My ability to focus in items goes as well, and I get waves of exhaustion, though I would still consider myself functional - last night O got a little worried as I was lying on the floor (a common precaution I take), and I was able to tell him that it was okay for him to keep playing as it was just an aura. Unfortunately, this did mean that when it morphed into a seizure later on, he didn't realise, and carried on playing. Never mind.

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