Saturday 28 May 2011


Well, I had two seizures today. The first was one of the worst I've had in ages, complete with thrashing, breathing problems and general loopiness in spades. I also managed to shake my head a little silly and scratch my arm quite a bit when, for reasons unknown, I started repeatedly removing an absent t-shirt in a slight frenzy. I scraped at my bare shoulder about four or five times I think.

The second seizure was comparatively mild, though I banged my head on the sofa. I had another strange behaviour moment immediately beforehand though, because I wrapped myself in O's blanket and lay down on the floor like a fluffy sausage roll. I'm sure it made sense at the time. Oh, wait, no. Even then a small part of me was thinking "What the hell?" At least the second one was short.

Still, it would appear that I've been having a mild cluster - I've had quite a few in the last couple of weeks. Frustratingly, the Epilepsy Nurse's secretary has been on holiday this week, so my polite phone call asking whether I had fallen off the list has thus far gone unanswered. And, of course, it's a bank holiday on Monday, so I have to wait until Tuesday to try again. Hopefully when I do get through I won't have too long a wait. I haven't seen her since before Christmas, and there is, understandably, a lot I need to talk to her about. And yes, I am aware I should probably have made one or two enquiries as to what the heck's going on before now. The trouble lies with my abysmal short-term memory. It has taken me this long to remember to call at a point in the day when someone was likely to answer the phone. Usually I remember when I'm out and about or it's late at night, and then I forget again before I manage to call. Hopeless, that's me.

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