Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Guess what?

Yup. Another one. This time while outside. (Fortunately it wasn't raining as had been forecast.) We had all gone into town together, and had met up with W's parents, who he called when we realised I was having the sort of aura which leads to a seizure. We'd only gone our separate ways a minute beforehand. W's mum was able to walk O and M home, and the idea had been for me to get a lift as I didn't think I would make the walk, but I didn't quite get to the car.

W managed to get me to a bench, where I slumped against him. Now, it all gets rather disorienting from here. There was a staff member of the shopping parade we were in who called for help. Some men arrived, with a wheelchair, to get me to W's dad's car. I cannot describe just how odd it is to be picked up when you have no control over your limbs, but full sensation - I could feel and hear everything, but could not manage to move - I could only just squeeze W's hand, which is our signal that I am okay.

The worst part is that part of me was convinced that I should be able to get up and/or help the people carrying me to the chair. But I couldn't. It took me a long time to really feel normal afterward. I still feel a little peculiar, though that may be tiredness.

So, yeah, apparently the world does not wish for me to visit local museums with miniature petting zoos visiting for the day. I am jinxed. I suppose that makes an awful lot of things make an awful lot more sense. It certainly beats the alternative - that I am entering a "bad patch" where I will have more seizures. Who knows how long sucha bad patch might last. It will be anywhere from a day or two to several months, How delightful.

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