Thursday, 21 October 2010

Two in a Row

Seizures don't normally depress me. I've mostly accepted them as a fact of life; just infreqent enough to not  impede my day-to-day life when they aren't happening, although often enough to have a constant long term effect.

They get a little more frustrating when, instead of occuring once or twice a fortnight, as they have been, I get one two days in a row. At least this time I had an aura, and was able to alert W before it happened. Not to mention getting myself somewhere safe.

It was jam packed with muscle spasms and periods of rigidity, and there was a point where I don't think I blinked for a solid minute or so, but other than that, not so bad. It's just the implications which worry me really. This has come a little bit out of the blue from a period where they've almost been predicatable. Still, that's life I guess.

It possibly doesn't help that I've been stressing about finances a little. Maybe I should try and put that to the back of my head. The trouble is, although some would advise me to bury my head in the sand and let ignorance be bliss, I would far rather have warning of what's coming than only find out when the letter drops through my door. That, and if there's something I can realistically do to attempt to change it, I would like to have the chance.

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